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Nutrition~~ Fuel Your Body For Greatness

Fueling the body with good nutrition is one of the most important contributors of optimal health. So I will start by giving you the best advice-- Keep it Simple!

Important-yes, but there is no need to stress or feel overwhelmed about how, why or what you are eating. Take a step back and just start fresh. There are many aspects to nutrition and if you are just starting a change then I suggest you just change one thing at a time.

Everyone always asks me about calories or what foods to eat or not eat. I really don't think that there is just one specific way to go about this. It is true that you can't out exercise poor nutrition choices. First thing is to start logging your food. It is very important to "see" what we are eating and have some accountability for our choices. After logging for a while then we can look to see what changes might need to be made.

While choosing real, whole foods will lead you to your goals, there may still be gaps in your nutrition. In order to fill in the gaps I provide NSF Certified For Sport supplements. Powered by dotFIT of course:)

Keep an eye on the blog for helpful tips, ideas and recipes you can use.

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