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10 Reasons To Lift Weights

Posted on May 31, 2018 at 10:35 PM

1. Improve your muscles. This is probably the same reason most people choose not to lift weights. However, this does not include bodybuilding, unless of course that is your goal. Strength training is the best way to keep and gain strength to pursue your desired activities and maintain proper muscle balance.

2. Improve your posture. Our muscles are connected to our bones to hold us upright to perform daily tasks and activities. Proper posture prevents injury as well as being aesthetic. It holds our confidence and our presence.

3. Improve your cardio. Most people do not think about lifting weights to improve their cardiovascular system. Running is not the only way to improve your cardio endurance. Change up your variables with your weight lifting program and you will see improvement.


4. Improve your flexibility. When weight training is done properly, it will move through your full range of motion, with a slight stretch at the end point. I almost always have better motion after a good workout and you should too.

5. Decrease pain. That is right! Who does not want decreased pain? Many people with pain have dysfunction due to weak muscles causing joints, muscles and other soft tissue to compensate. By increasing your strength and returning proper motion, your pain will be a thing of the past.

6. Increase bone health. Our bones need stimulation to regenerate faster than they break down. Weight training is an excellent way to do this. Weight training has been known to stop osteoporosis and in some cases even reverse it.

7. Goal setting. Having goals provides accomplishments and productive feedback. It does not matter if your are weight training for the olympics or so that you can climb the stairs without falling. Forward progress is always good. Plus if your goals are not reached on time you will know what to change, which is also positive.

8. Happy endorphins. Exercise, including weight training, can stimulate the natural chemicals in our brains that make us feel good. When you get in a funk, make time for the gym and get those happy endorphins working for you to reduce anxiety, depression and stress.

9. Happy body. When your body feels good, so do you. Things move along easier, you are less afraid of activities causing you pain or that you are unable. Feeling able and less stress lets you feel better on the inside and out.

10. Look great. While managing your nutrition is one of the best ways to manage your weight, weight training is what makes you look good. When you shed those pounds you want the muscle underneath to be strong and defined. Losing fat will create a smaller you, but losing fat and increasing your lean mass will give you that fit look you have desired.

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