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Fit Gadgets

Posted on September 14, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (1187)

So recently  I have been urged by my clients and friends to try a fitbit.  I have seen them popping up everywhere and find them very intriguing.  I have much experience with regular pedometers.  Non-techy.  The ones you wear on your hip and have to measure your stide length to make sure it counts your steps accurately.  I am very definitely a fan of getting your 10,000 steps a day in.  I think that is important regardless of your fit level or goal.  I have been part of a few programs where we have given out the old school pedometers, taught how to use them and even provided challenges.

The fitbit is a little different.  And I like it.  I did not really get much for instructions.  You just turn it on and sync it to your device and off you go.  I have been using the fitbit charge which will track my steps, milage, average calories burned, flights of stairs, active minutes, sleep and water/nutrition.  I find it to be accurate and handy.  Except that when you meet your goals the watch looking device will vibrate, when I am not expecting it and while I am at the store or where ever, my eyes get a little huge wondering why my watch is angry with me.  Then I look and see that I made a goal and immediately I am excited again.

The best part--the fitbit will sync to my dotFit page!  This means you too can use fun gagets that require you to log info less will show me what you have been doing and I can still provide your individualized program.  Its difficult to create a safe and healthy program to everyone when there are many unknowns.  That's where I come in.  I will know your goal, fitness level and any past or current injury.  Your workout will be perfect!  So once a day you look at your workout and get it done and once a day you sync your fitbit to your page and vola...You are making your goals and feel great too.

Now I would also recommend the fitbit HR.  The charge that I use does not track heart rate.  I not only find heart rate to be very important, but I do like to create cardio programs for you that include heart rate.  Your resting heart rate will tell you in general how effecient your heart is working.  The fewer beats per minute, the healthier your heart is.  It should be between 60-75 beats per minute.  If you are a competitive elite athlete you might be down to 45-60 beats per minutes.  This means that your heart can pump out enough blood with one pump to all parts of your body well.  If you can't get enough blood out per pump then you have to pump more which can over time lead to an enlarged heart.  So keep an eye on your over all resting heart rate and if it starts to regularly go down, you are NOT dying!

Also a good cardio program is based on your heart rate recovery time.   The less time it takes for your heart rate to come back down after an intense bout of exercise is good.  So my workouts vary quite a bit, but includes you watching your heart rate.  This is great for weight loss as well as sport specific training.  Each sport has its own demands and this program can accomodate that. 


The Power of an Hour--Why have you NOT had a massage?

Posted on August 17, 2015 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (311)

When I first began massage school, I had a misconception that EVERYONE liked massage.  How could they not--it seems like the perfect cur-all from stress to muscle pain to just keeping you going on the right health path.  There are so many factors that need to be considered to make sure that every client has a good experience and can get the most out of their massage experience.

The first topic that always seems come up is regarding how much clothing should or should not be worn.  Every client is different.  Some relax best unrestrcted from clothing and techniques that cover more than one joint at a time.  Some feel much more protected keeping it all on and that alone will make clients relax better.  Regardless of your preferance the therapist will NEVER see you naked.  At every session I allow my clients to undress to their comfort level.  They remain draped with the sheet and blanket at all times.  I have had clients that  only take off their shoes.  I don't allow shoes on my table.  They remained fully clothed the whole session and that is perfectly acceptable.

Massage therapy can be very emotional for some.  The power of touch is very deep.  Think about everything we tounch during the day.  Think about who you have touched today and how it may have affected them.  Most of the time, touch is very healing, hugs of joy, hugs of sorrow, holding a child's hand, holding your lover's hand, a greeting kiss on the cheek, a high five for a great accomplishment or even just a pat on the back.  However, some do not receive this possitive touch.  Some have been hit, some have been choked and some actually do not receive any human touch at all.  It can be very important to find the right therapist/client match so that the benefits of possitive touch can reach everyone.

The power of an hour is actally powerfull--So why haven't you had your massage yet?

4 Easy Steps to Your Fitness Goals

Posted on August 10, 2015 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (914)

Sometimes its nice when the plan just comes to you.  No guessing.  No over thinking things.  Just log in and look at the plan.  This is a nice one stop shop to meet any health goals.  All exercise, nutrition, supplements and support in one easy location.

1. Nutrition

Nutrition is the food choices we consume.  Everyone needs to eat, so this is important.  We all have basic energy needs to be met in order to breath and other maintenance of our bodies.  Add the energy that we require for activities of daily living like washing dishes, vacuming, grocery shopping and of course our workouts.  That total is how much energy we need to eat to maintain our current status.  When you enter the site, you will answer health questions that determine your average daily expenditure.  When you click on your goals, then we can determine if you need to consume more calories or less calories to meet your goals.  At this point you can also start logging your food.  This is super important to see where you are starting at.  Sometimes you really don't need to make several large changes, but just a few small alterations.  These alterations are easier for me to modify when I can see what is going on.  Please log your food accurately everyday.  It makes you accountable for your choices.

2. Exercise

It doesn't matter if you are a veteran athlete or just starting.  I use the Optimum Performance Training Method created by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  It supports injury prevention, working up to your goals (not just jumping right in).  Each program is designed by me and cusotmized just for you.  You need to run faster and throw harder--we can do that.  You need to lose some weight and tone muscles--we can do that.  You need new exercises or over come a plateau--we can do that.  I provide the workout.  You can see it on any device or print it out.  Also, if you like gadgets, you can sync your fitbit or jawbone to the system so I can see how many steps you have taken, monitor your heart rate and whatnot.  You have the opportuity to workout at your favorite gym, outside, at home, with a friend--whatever works for you.  Just know you will be held accountable to get it done.  I will meet you, but I will check on you.

3. Supplementation

Supplementation is an interesting topic.  Always pros and cons.  But this is a really great way to stay on track.  If you are losing weight and cutting calories, then you need something to fill the gap.  You need a reliable multi vitamin to give you what you need to keep you strong, but something that does not have calories.  I have shakes and snacks that keep you on track with easy on the go options as well as easy calorie tracking.  Looking to get that  little extra boost to recover from workouts or need a great post workout snack/drink.  I have that.  These are great choices to keep you on track supplement the food choices you are already eating.

4. Support/Coaching

Please remember that there is always support for you here.  I can help with any question you may have whether it is about the site itself or you are just having a tough day.  Access via facebook and skype will lead you directly to me.  If you have questions there is also a fitness vault that you have full access to with recipes, question & answer, FAQs and webinars by exerts in their field.

This 4 pillar progam is a one stop shop to meet your health and fitness goals.  Just log on and take the guess work out.  Let the fitness plan come to you.  Just add determination and attitude.

Prescription for~ Training 101

Posted on June 26, 2015 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (367)

Every program has variables or areas that can be changed up.  By properly using these variables, mix & matching, you will be able to reach your desired outcome without hitting a plateau.  These variables include, sets, reps, tempo and rest.

Reps and sets are probably the most commonly known in a workout setting.  Reps are how many times you perform a single exercise movement.  So if you are doing squats and you bend and straighten your knees/ hips 10 times, then  you have done 10 reps.  Sets will tell you how many times to repeat that number of reps.  When you write down three sets of 10 reps, it will look like 3x10.  

While three sets of ten reps is a total of thirty reps, please do NOT do all thirty at one time.  That's just one set of thirty reps.  I prefer to go through and do one set of each exercise, use 60-90 sec rest period and then go through the set of exercises again. Repeat three times.  However, there are several ways to go about it.  It is also ok to do one set, rest 30 seconds and do another set of the same exercise, for example.  The rest variable is important because it determines how much recovery time our muscles have between sets.  This ultimately determines which energy sources we are driving from as well as stressing different systems of our bodies.  The changes in rest periods will allow for variations on training to muscle fatigue, neuromuscular fatigue and also for proper energy activation so that energy stores are working properly when we need them.

Now the less well known variable is tempo.  This is the speed at which the exercise is performed.  The speed of the exercise also determines if training will be for strength, power or endurance.  Tempo is also great for training the body as a whole.  If you train soft/connective tissues in addition to just the muscles to withstand the riggors and stress of training you can work up to more stressful routines.  You will be much less likely to damage, irritate or injure those tissues during your workout.

Keeping the variables changing and working all systems will keep your body from hitting a plateau and ultimately hitting your goals in a  timely manner.  Always follow all the variables when provided a workout as they are all important in reaching your goals.

10,000 steps a day

Posted on April 26, 2015 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (487)

Movement is what helps keep our bodies functioning properly.  It not only improves muscle function, but movement works as a pump to flush our bodies.  The lymph system, for example,  completely relies on movement for this purpose, as it does not have its own motion system.

It is recommended to maintain your health with 10,000 steps a day.  That is equivilant to 5 miles a day.  Don't let the big numbers slow you down.  You do need to make yourself aware to make sure it  all gets in.  My suggestion is to purchase a pedometer.  A pedometer counts your steps for you.  It comes with instructions to set it up with your personal stride length.  Once you see how much you move regularly through out the day, you will be able to start goal setting.  You may be surprised, as most people who are on their feet all day think they are closer to the 10,000 steps than they really are.  So depending on your schedule and how ambitious you are, there are options to get your steps in.  

Option 1- Wake up and get 'er done!  Weather you want to go out and enjoy the morning air or hop on the treadmill, you can get it out of the way to begin your day with an accomplishment.  

Option 2- However, you may want to take several  smaller walks through out the day.  It all counts and adds up.  You can walk 10-15 min a time to get all your steps in.  Parking in the back of the parking lot and chosing steps instead of the elevator are easy ways to increase your steps.  

Now you have a goal.  Everyday work towards more steps than you did the day before.  Once you are up to your 10,000 steps a day--make sure you do it EVERY DAY!  Your overall health and well being revolve around how much movement you get in.  Challenge yourself today and make sure you get in your 10,000 steps.

Order your body media here to find out exactly how much you are moving and how many calories you are burning.

Spring Cleaning

Posted on April 5, 2015 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (199)

Spring is here, even if it does not always feel like it yet.  Spring marks new beginings and new life.  The days are getting longer and the outdoors start to call to us.  This is a great time to look at our fitness/health plans.  Make sure everything is on track.

Clean up your eating by surrounding yourself with appropriate food and snacks.   This is a new begining so ditch the super high calorie comfort foods and think light, yummy and summery. Prepare your week and put together your meals and snacks to grab and go.  One day a week to make the rest of the week mindless.

Make sure that you are using a NASM specialist to help you with your program.  By utilizing the specialized & personalized program you will defeat the dreaded plateau.  Your body is smart and learns, so something that may have worked when you started may not be working now.  This could keep you from hitting your goal.  However, this program is specifically designed to keep things moving at an appropriate pace.  By using selected variables as well as periodization (using different phases at different times), your goals will be met while also decreasing your chance of injury.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, spent with family and friends.  New beginings are a wonderful thing.  An opportunity to take.  Enjoy spring time weather and fresh air, it will help you to stay on track.

Why On Line Training--How It Works

Posted on March 16, 2015 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (543)

Soost Outdoor Fit Biz is Proud to bring you the best online solution to your health, fitness and sports performance needs.  There are many services available right at your fingertips to help you reach your specific goals.  So how exactly is your computer supposed to help you reach your health and fitness goals when we are always hearing that they are the problem to start with.

There is such a large percentage of people these days that have full access to the internet.  If you are reading this, then you are part of this population! So why shouldn't I share my expertise with you, just because we live further away or don't have my same schedule?  I want to be fair to everyone:).

Now its true-I'm not going to be there to see you do every exercise or see how much effort you are using.  That accountability is all yours!  However, I am always available for any questions you have via social media and the web.  I personally create your workouts for you based on your current health status, fitness level and goals.  This ensures that you progress properly, won't hit a plateau and reduce your chance of injury.  I can also change and tweek your program as necessary.  I will have access to your nutrition log to see how we can improve on meals and snacks.  I will check in and send reminders.  All of this is tailored just for you.  All you need to bring is desire and the decision that this goal is important to you.

Soost Outdoor Fit Biz uses the dotFit program/website so that you have access to log your food/activity, have access to quality products (should you choose to use them) and you can reach this program from anywhere as it has a great app for your phone.  Also it is very affordable.  It's only $6.95 a month or $69.95 for the whole year.  For those that live in Gillette, one on one sessions are available as well for $30 a session.  Then you have the option to utilize both options.

Just click on the button below to get started.  Make sure on the drop down box to click on my name (Jara Soost) to use me as your personal trainer/health coach." target="_blank">

Prepare for those Manic Mondays

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (210)

Today is one of those days where you just fly by the seat of your pants.  We all have days like that, where you expect one thing and then something takes you in another completely new direction.  I suppose that is what  Monday's are for.  My oldest child broke his leg yesterday snowboarding, so today was just trying to get used to the cast, crutches and pain.  We were called by the hospital to get another set of x-rays.

So the juggling of the busy life resumes.  My boys both needed extra attention today (and didn't mind fighting for it!), but rearranging our schedules does not mean eliminating the time we need to care for our own selves.  The busier we are, regardless if you are a high powered business person or a stay at home parent, the more we need to plan ahead.  To some this sounds so unfun, but to others, life would not  exist without it.

  • Prepare your meals on the weekends for the week.  This will allow for much easier meal times, as well as the switching of them if need be.  Know what you have on hand and know which days supper needs to be waiting for you and which days you can finish putting supper together when you get home. 
  • Have an alternate workout plan.  You still need to work out, even if you have a busy day.  You probably need it even more on those days:)  I prefer to work out at the Rec Center after I'm done working. However, with kids appointments and activities, that does not always happen.  I can have some me time after they go to bed.  Working out at home is just as good and then I get a great night's sleep as well.
  • Don't let your schedule rule you.  I have to admidt I'm not the best planner, but sometimes strategically planning things is the only way to get everything in.  But be flexible, don't let a little change in your carefully planned day cause increased stress.  Everything will still get done, even if its not exactly the way you thought.  Prioritize each item so the ones that really need attention still find a moment, but others may have to wait til tomorrow.   Let it go, as the increased stress causes too much damage to your body (that you already don't have time for).
Always at the end of each day, take time for yourself, don't forget to breath, and push that reset button so that tomorrow will go nice and smooth.

On Line Personal Training Program

Posted on February 3, 2015 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (171)

I am always looking for improvements.  I am hoping that everyone is finding my site easy to use and helpful reading.  I just wanted to add a quick tutorial on how to use on line training as I want everything to come easily and hassle free for you.

Through out my site I have dotFit Me buttons for you to click on.  When you click one of these buttons a new window will pop up and you will be asked to enter your information.  When the window pops up the screen will be split into three sections.  On the first section it wil ask if you are part of or affiliated with a dotfit club.  Leave the first drop down, but the second one--click on the drop down and click my name.  This will ensure that you are getting set up with me as your personal trainer.  The second section will ask you to fill out your name, email, create a password etc.  The third section varifies you have agreed to terms, asked if you want additional emails and then you may click the register button.

Once you have registered you will be taken to another screen that will ask you your goals and current health information.  It takes about 7 minutes to fill out the questionairre.  By filling out all the questions we will be able to determine goals, set your caloric expenditure (approximate calories in vs calories out) and make sure you are healthy/ need consent from your doctor.  After this process is finished you will be able to start logging your exercise and nutrition.  Also, I will be able to go into add cardio, resisitance and/or walking programs to your calendar as well as look at your nutrition log.  Don't forget there is also an app that you are able to download to your phone so that you have access and info with you at all times.

At any time during this process, please feel free to email me at [email protected] and ask any questions.  Now at anytime will you will be able to view or print out workouts designed just for you.  You will be able to work out at your home, your gym of preference or where ever is convenient for you.  If you have any questions regarding the exercises or variables for the exercises, please contact me.  You will have access to your program, written instructions and video of your progam.  

I hope this was helpful in getting you started with your online training program.  I am always looking for feedback, so don't be afraid to leave a comment.

Tempo in weight training

Posted on January 19, 2015 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (177)

When weight training, there are several variables to consider in order to reach your goal, train specifically and  avoid a plateau.  While the most well known variables are sets and reps, tempo is also an important factor.

Tempo is how fast you perform each rep.  When you receive a work out plan from me, it will include the tempo.  The tempo will consist of three numbers.  We will use a simple bicep curl as an example.  The first number tells you how fast to lower the weight.  So if your muscle is shortened, with fists up by your shoulder, you would lower the weight for a count of 4 seconds in a 4/2/1 tempo.  The middle number represents how long to hold the contraction.  So in this example you would lift the weight and hold it there for 2 seconds before lowering the weight.  The last number represents how fast you push or lift the weight.  In a 4/2/1 tempo for a bicep curl you would move the weight up in a count of one second, hold it there for two seconds and bring it back down to the starting point during a four second count.  

Tempo is a very important part of your workout.  It determines if you are working out concentrically, eccentrically, for strength, for bulk, for power and helps you avoid a plateau.

So when you get your workout and you see those numbers posted under tempo, do not dismis them.  It is a crucial portion of your workout, even more importantly if you have specific goals to reach.