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Fit Body Shop is here to provide support, ideas and inspiration. The Fit Body Shop was founded to meet and better serve my client and family needs. It provides services at your fingertips, 24/7, to assist you in your health and fitness goals. On-line support has been shown to be very successful and that those who use it, stick with it. In addition to the information found on the site, you can also purchase customized work out plans and nutritional dotFit products to meet your goals.

I, Jara Soost, have been providing tools for health and fitness since 1998. I have worked at several health clubs and facilities providing nutrition, personal training, athletic training, performance enhancement and massage therapy. I have worked with people of all ages and abilities help reach their goals. I have a very strong philosophy about health, fitness and performance. I believe that it is very important to make sure the body as a whole is treated and receives attention. We are many parts, but only one body that functions as one unit. By remembering that we are only as strong as our weakest link, we can work up to our goals. I view the body as a whole in order to make you feel better, look better and perform better.

Why us?

  • Professional Service
  • Practicing since 1998
  • Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology, University of Minnesota
  • Master Degree in Performance Enhancement/Injury Prevention, California University of Pennsylvania
  • Certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine in personal training, corrective exercise and performance enhancement
  • Certified athletic trainer
  • Massage therapist
  • Volunteered at Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO