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Welcome to the Fit Body Shop! Thank you for visiting and utilizing the online services. 

Mission It is the mission of Fit Body Shop to provide tools, support & education to promote health, fitness & athletic performance to clients of every level.

~~Your one stop head to toe body shop, specializing in athletic health care.~~

I am not a gym! I want to promote any of your favorite workout locations. What works for you, is what you should stick with. So then, what is Fit Body Shop? It is an athletic training room available to you to keep you healthy and active. It is a head to toe, one stop body shop, featuring biomechanics, fuel and sport performance. Every BODY needs to be properly maintained to make sure it is moving well and working at its optimal potential. I provide movement assessments, NSF Certified For Sport products, performance enhancement/corrective exercise and manual body work to keep your body performing at its best. Fit Body Shop also contracts services to athletic teams and businesses. These services include athletic training, performance enhancement and manual therapy for maintance/recovery & pre/post event.

I believe that health is not only one thing, but takes a holistic approach. I blog about several topics to help you stay on your path to meet your goals. This site supports gettin' things done by promoting biomechanics, fuel and sport performance. To better help you follow & find exactly what you need, I have dedicated each topic its own page. All you have to do is click:)

Check out the rest of the site and see what you like. If there is something specific you are looking for or have any questions about anything please fill out the contact page.

Make sure your body is

working at its best

Fuel for Success

Train for sport & Life while 

reducing injury